General Introduction

This is a private page where you can access all the material for Atheism for Lent. Here are a few provisional notes,

- The exercises vary in length. Don’t feel pressure to do everything (but congratulations if you do).

- The material can be treated like tracks off an album. Some you’ll love, some will leave you cold. And some might just need a few engagements. 

- Feel free to engage with each week in the order that suits your schedule. For example, you may be asked to listen to a podcast on a day when you’re not driving and want to save it for when you are.

I'd like to recommend two articles that might be useful in the run up to this Decentering Practice. The first is by Merold Westphal. It is the introduction to his book Suspicion and Faith, and offers a nice reflection on the possible value of doing Atheism for Lent: Why Atheism for Lent. The second is more academic. It's a great paper by John Caputo from The Cambridge Companion to Atheism called Atheism, A/theology and the Postmodern Condition. Just to warn you, the paper requires a background in Continental Philosophy.

How to Log in Live

This is super simple. Each week the reflections will be uploaded to this page. So all you need to do is bookmark this private webpage. If you're joining me live, then click here to access the seminar. The talks will take place on the following dates at 2pm PST. Also, join the private Facebook group here.

     5th March - 12th March - 19th March - 26th March - 2nd April - 9th April

You can watch live, or download it the next day. Everything will be found below.

You can also use a mobile (US Toll):  +14086380968,924129820# or landline: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)

When promoted, use this ID: 406-698-986

I'm doing a Facebook live video on Sunday 26th February at 2pm (PST) to formally introduce the course. You can tune in live via my FB page, or watch later on the Atheism for Lent FB page. I'll also email a link to the video out.

Information for Facilitators and Church Leaders

For those who are faciliating a group, I’ve enclosed this Atheism for Lent booklet written by Katharine Sarah Moody that has some great advice. The only bit of the booklet you need to read are the first few pages. There you’ll find some advice on good practice. The rest is very interesting, but not necessarily related to this Atheism for Lent course.

In terms of practical issues, here are a few things to bear in mind,

- You’re responsible for passing on links I send out

- You’re also responsible for sharing the link and password for this page with everyone signed up for the course

While you might want to meet together for my talks, I recommend that people watch my talks separately as one of the daily exercises, then meet together at the end of each week to discuss the material.

If you’re involving your whole church then, in addition to the above information, you might want to take an excerpt from each week and integrate it into your Sunday talk. One thing you might want to explore is reading out a AfL reflection; then linking it to a bible passage.

I’d also recommend that you think about using this as a way of promoting your community. Local media might take an interest, and there will no doubt be many in the area who'd love to know about a church that took doubt, unknowing and questioning seriously.